With smartphone cameras becoming better every day, the gear you use to make videos is becoming less important. Video editing apps used to cost an arm and a leg, but not anymore. Today, there are many free apps out there that you can use to create professional quality videos. Here are the best free video editing apps for Windows.

随着智能手机相机的日趋完善,用于制作视频的设备变得越来越不重要。 视频编辑应用曾经花费了很多,但现在还没有。 如今,您可以使用许多免费应用来创建专业品质的视频。 这是Windows最好的免费视频编辑应用程序。

达芬奇决心:针对高级用户 (Davinci Resolve: For the Power User)


Davinci Resolve is a professional grade video editor by Black Magic Design. It’s the free version of Davinci Resolve Studio, which is an industry standard VFX, color grading, and audio editing suite. It’s the go-to product if you’re interested in powerful, professional-level video editing, with features like timeline-based editing, keyframes, advanced media management, plugin support and more.

Davinci Resolve是Black Magic Design的专业级视频编辑器。 它是Davinci Resolve Studio的免费版本,它是行业标准的VFX,颜色分级和音频编辑套件。 如果您对功能强大的专业级视频编辑感兴趣,它是首选产品,它具有基于时间轴的编辑,关键帧,高级媒体管理,插件支持等功能。

Because of its professional focus, DaVinci Resolve is not the easiest software to use for beginners. If you decide to use DaVinci, you should be prepared for a steep learning curve. There’s a lot there.

由于专注于专业,DaVinci Resolve并不是初学者最容易使用的软件。 如果您决定使用达芬奇,则应该为陡峭的学习曲线做好准备。 那里很多。

It might not be the best choice if you just need to clean up and share a few home videos, but it’s a great tool if you want to take your videos just a step further. The free version has most of the same features as the paid version, with the exception of a few premium filters and a maximum export resolution of 3840×2160.

如果您只需要清理并共享一些家庭视频,它可能不是最佳选择,但是如果您想将视频再往前走,则这是一个很好的工具。 免费版本具有与付费版本大多数相同的功能,除了一些高级过滤器和最大导出分辨率为3840×2160。

Hitfilm Express:非常适合编辑和探索VFX (Hitfilm Express: Great for Editing and Exploring VFX)


Hitfilm Express is an entirely free video editing and composition tool designed for professional video. Although primarily used for VFX and video compositions, it does include plenty of basic editing features. It’s a great choice if you want to start exploring the world of visual effects.

Hitfilm Express是一款完全免费的视频编辑和合成工具,专为专业视频而设计。 尽管主要用于VFX和视频合成,但它确实包含许多基本的编辑功能。 如果您想开始探索视觉效果的世界,这是一个不错的选择。

The interface of Hitfilm Express is simpler than Davinci, but there’s still a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never edited videos before.

Hitfilm Express的界面比Davinci更为简单,但是如果您以前从未编辑过视频,则还有一些学习困难。

Hitfilm Express is available for Windows and Mac computers, and supports 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and above. Hitfilm is also more demanding than some of the other editors we’re covering here, so you’ll need a decently-powered computer to ensure a smooth performance (check out the specs here).

Hitfilm Express可用于Windows和Mac计算机,并支持Windows 8及更高版本的64位版本。 与我们在此介绍的其他一些编辑器相比,Hitfilm的要求也更高,因此您需要一台性能出色的计算机以确保流畅的性能(在此处查看规格)。

The free editor includes a lot of functionality, and you can expand it by purchasing additional, more advanced tools.


Shotcut:强大的开源选择 (Shotcut: A Powerful, Open-Source Choice)


Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor available for Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers. For free software, it has plenty of professional editing features—like 4K video support, network stream playback, color grading, and more.

Shotcut是可用于基于Windows,Mac和Linux的计算机的免费,开源,跨平台视频编辑器。 对于免费软件,它具有大量的专业编辑功能,例如4K视频支持,网络流播放,颜色分级等。

Shotcut supports almost all the popular video formats, so no matter which video source you use, you’ll be able to edit and export it to the format of your choice.


Shotcut supports Windows 7 and above and is available for both 32 and 64-bit systems.

Shotcut支持Windows 7及更高版本,并且可用于32位和64位系统。

Lightworks:功能强大且可自定义 (Lightworks: Powerful and Customizable)


Lightworks is another free video editor for Windows. It’s laid out a bit differently than other video editors, but it customizable enough that you can pretty much make it look and work however you want. It’s also powerful—enough that it’s been used by professional editors on a number of Hollywood movies (Wolf of Wall Street, The King’s Speech, Bruce Almighty, to name a few). Despite being made for professional use, Lightworks is also suitable for basic video editing.

Lightworks是Windows的另一个免费视频编辑器。 它的布局与其他视频编辑器略有不同,但是它可自定义,因此您可以根据自己的需要使它看起来和正常工作。 它的功能也很强大-足以供专业编辑在许多好莱坞电影中使用(华尔街之狼,国王的演说,布鲁斯·全能,仅举几例)。 尽管是为专业用途制作的,但是Lightworks也适合于基本视频编辑。

It’s available in a free version or a Pro, subscription-based version. The free version does suffer some limitations. While the basic editing tools are present, and all import formats are supported, the free version can only export web compatible video (MPEG4/H.264) capped at 720p, with an option to upload directly to YouTube. You also won’t have access to advanced features like timeline rendering and FX plugins.

它有免费版本或Pro(基于订阅)版本。 免费版本确实有一些限制。 虽然提供了基本的编辑工具,并且支持所有导入格式,但免费版本只能导出上限为720p的网络兼容视频(MPEG4 / H.264),并且可以选择直接上传到YouTube。 您也将无法访问高级功能,例如时间轴渲染和FX插件。

If you can live with those limitations, though, it’s a pretty good choice as a basic video editor.


VideoPad Video Editor:非常适合基本家庭使用以及更多 (VideoPad Video Editor: Great for Basic Home Use And More)


VideoPad Video Editor is a free video editor that is designed especially for home users. It has a simple interface and plenty of effects available. For power users, VideoPad also has audio mixing, chroma key support, color correction, video speed controls, and many more features to play with. It also supports importing and exporting most common video formats.

VideoPad Video Editor是一个免费的视频编辑器,专门为家庭用户设计。 它具有简单的界面和多种效果。 对于高级用户,VideoPad还具有音频混合,色度键支持,色彩校正,视频速度控制以及许多其他功能。 它还支持导入和导出最常见的视频格式。

VideoPad is available for Windows 7 and above (64 bit only), Mac OS 10.5 and above, and Android. You can find more information on their website or download the setup for Windows (hosted by Cnet).

VideoPad适用于Windows 7和更高版本(仅64位),Mac OS 10.5和更高版本以及Android。 您可以在他们的网站上找到更多信息,或下载Windows的安装程序(由Cnet托管)。

Those are all the best free video editing apps available for Windows. The app that will work best for you will depend on your experience and your video editing skills. If in doubt, you can download them all and try them one by one to find out which one you like the best. After all, they are free.

这些都是可用于Windows的最好的免费视频编辑应用程序。 哪种应用最适合您,取决于您的经验和视频编辑技能。 如有疑问,您可以下载所有文件,然后逐一进行尝试,以找出最合适的文件。 毕竟,它们是免费的。

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